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it’s not all work-work-work.

At Quorum, it’s not just about the office buildings, it’s about creating a community and lifestyle that enhances your working day. A great working environment coupled with a range of first-class amenities means everything is here for you in one place.


Offices aren’t everything, you know?

Hey, don’t get us wrong, our management team at The Hub are here to support your offices in any way you need, but people need to eat, they need to shop, they need to… well, all sorts of things. Taking time out from your working day can be difficult, so at Quorum Park we try to provide all the amenities you might want on-site.

More convenience, less stress, more productivity.

Food & drink

Mmmm, lunch… From a quick bite on the run to relaxed dining, we’ve got it on your doorstep.

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Grab a fresh and tasty lunch from Greggsenjoy a glass of wine and a bespoke deli sandwich on the sunny terrace outside of Eat@ Cafe and Gift Shop, pick up an authentic pizza/pasta from Bella Napoli or grab some delicious oriental food from Umai Mi Bento Box

There are also regular visits from local street food vendors. Treat yourself, don’t work hangry.

Gym & Sports Club

Let’s get physical, PHYSICAL!
Healthy body, healthy mind. Get yours without leaving the park.

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Work it out with access to Puregym 24 hours a day on the ground floor of Q5, or get together with your colleagues for football, netball and tennis on our floodlit, outdoor pitch and courts. You can even keep fit at the fitness station located just outside.

There’s a weekly football league, annual netball tournament and summer tennis coaching sessions. Q Card holders get free pitch and court bookings, including for company events.

Click here to sign up or find out more about the Quorum Sports Club.


Yes, parents work too. Balancing your work and family commitments is hard enough without having to rush between your childcare provider and the office. That’s why we’ve got an on-site nursery.

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Kids 1st, a 108 place nursery, right in the middle of the park. Split into rooms depending on age group and level of development. Each room leads directly to a spacious, enclosed garden, where children can get as much fresh air and exercise as desired. Outstanding features include:

  • CCTV and fingerprint security.
  • Delicious home-cooked food prepared by the nursery’s dedicated chef.
  • Modern language and music and movement lessons.
  • Complimentary coffee to go breakfast service for parents!

For further information about Kids 1st Quorum Park call 0191 259 9179 or visit

The Hub

The Quorum Management Team work from The Hub, which is located on the ground floor of the Neon building.

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Occupiers and their employees can visit the Hub for the following services:

  • Information on events and activities
  • Travel information and advice
  • Estate management support
  • Q11 meeting rooms, sports pitch and BBQ hire
  • Loan of giant games, sports equipment and pool bikes

Any questions? We’re all ears.

Security & maintainence

Quorum security guards are on patrol 24 / 7 to provide a safe and secure environment. We’ve got your back.

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The Security Hut is located at the entrance of the park where the security team can monitor people and vehicles entering the park as well as view images from a network of CCTV cameras sited on the park. The grounds maintenance team are also hard at work keeping the retail area, car parks, pavements and landscaped areas looking tidy and free of litter.

You can contact the Security and Grounds Maintenance Team on 
0191 270 1740 or email

EV chargers

There are 15 ‘fast’ 22kw chargers available for people working at Quorum.

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Neon Car Park

  • 4 x 22kw chargers
  • Linked to the Hubsta Network
  • 25p/kwh or 20p with Q Card

Greggs House Car Park

  • 11 x 22kw chargers
  • linked to the Franklin Energy Life Network
  • 20p/kwh with Qcard
  • No public access

To get access to both networks at a rate of 20p/kwh you must follow these steps:

  1. Download the relevant ap
  2. email to set you up on the rate.
  3. Once you are set up with the rate you can just use the app each time you need to charge.

Bike Hub

Quorum Park hosts pop-up cycle events throughout the year. 

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Services offered at the hub include:

  • Advice
  • Cycle training
  • Second hand bike sales
  • Dr Bike
  • Pool bike hire
  • Route planning

Keen cyclist? Join the Quorum Bicycle User Group (BUG). All members are added to an electronic mailing list which is used to circulate information of interest for cyclists as well as advertise events and discounts. To join the BUG click here.

Pool Bikes

The Quorum Hub offers a free ‘Ride Before You Buy’ scheme, giving you the opportunity to borrow one of our pool bikes for up to one month.

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This way you can see if cycling would be a suitable means of transport for you to travel to and from work without having to invest in a bicycle.

  • 2 x male bicycles
  • 1 x female bicycles
  • 1 x folding bicycle
  • 1 x E-Bikes

Helmet, panier bag, lock and basic tool kit provided. £30 deposit required which is refunded when bicycle and accessories are returned to the Hub To book a pool bike contact 0191 287 1148 or email

Outdoor amenities area

Sit back, relax and take it all in, or DOMINATE LUNCHTIME PING-PONG.
It’s entirely your choice.

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Our outdoor games include:

  • Table tennis, situated on the Boules Court in between Q10 and Q11. The Hub also have a table suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which can be hired free of charge for tenant events along with bats and balls.
  • Giant chess and draughts boards are located in communal areas across the park from March until October.
  • You can borrow giant Connect 4 and Jenga sets from the Hub free of charge.
  • A boules court is located in between Q10 and Q11 and you can borrow a set boules from the Hub on the ground floor of Q11.

Of course you could avoid such competitive pursuits entirely and enjoy our BBQ for team events and social gatherings instead. Our state of the art fitted grill is built into an outdoor kitchen area next to our outdoor table tennis and boules court between Q10 and Q11.

For all enquiries contact Laura Barber on 0191 259 9874 or email

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Smoking Policy

Quorum operates a Smoking Policy that covers the entirety of the Park.

This policy is designed to promote access to spaces with fresh air.

We estimate 80% of staff on Quorum Park are non-smokers and want to create a working environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Staff are only permitted to smoke cigarettes in their designated smoking shelters. Smoking of cigarettes will not be permitted anywhere else across the business park.

Vaping is permitted anywhere across the park. We only ask that you avoid vaping in the front of buildings for the comfort of others.