7 Ways to stay Fit and Healthy in 2017 - Quorum Park

Here at Quorum we have a whole host of events and amenities which will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions alive!

Here are 7 simple steps you can make towards a happier and healthier you in 2017!

1.Take time away from your Desk!

54% of workers regularly work through their lunch break. Most state they are simply too busy, or else feel pressure from those around them to do so.

However, only by having a proper break from our work, and good, healthy food, can we really have a hope of being productive and fresh throughout the rest of the day.

Looking for something to do on a lunchtime at Quorum? Check out our calendar of events , download one of our lunchtime walks or runs. Alternatively just make use of our onsite lunch facilities and enjoy a break from the office. 

Take a look at how electronics can affect your sleep here. 


2. Increase your steps!

Even the simplest switch up can increase the number of steps you take in a day which, when built up gradually can really improve your fitness – get off the bus one stop earlier,take the stairs and not the lift: every little helps!

Instead of emailing a query to a colleague – pop over and see them face to face – you’re much more likely to cover everything you need this way too!Email hub@quorumbp.co.uk to find out more about signing up to a 30 day pedometer challenge.

Also email us to find out about opportunities walking dogs from the nearby cat and dog shelter.

3.Find new hobbies or passions

Its good for the soul! Trying something new and breaking out of your comfort zone is great for challenging  you in new ways, ways that are different from work, ways that are positive.

The great thing about picking up a new hobby is that it provides an excellent outlet for challenging yourself without the negative stress that comes from a work-related challenge.

Our partnership with the Active Workplace gives you the opportunity to try out new sports and activities in 6 week programmes at a reduced cost. They offer everything from surfing, rock climbing and cricket, to rugby, hockey and golf.

Keep an eye on the Quorum Events Calendar for some new and fun things to try – recent events have included Samba & Salsa dancing, bubble football and cycling challenges.

4. Sleep is VERY important!

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. In a perfect world we’d all the ideal amount of sleep (which can vary from people to people) 7-9 hours a night – but alas, we don’t live in a perfect world!

Instead, maybe concentrate on making the sleep you do get the best quality sleep you can get. You can improve the quality of your sleep with simple tweaks to your bedtime routine – even just a simple ‘technology blackout’ in the twenty minutes before bed has been proven to improve sleep try reading a book instead to unwind

Checkout Goodreads for some book recommendations.

In March Quorum will be hosting a sleep clinic at the old hub building at Quorum retail- this is a free service in which you can book 30 minute slots with the Newcastle Sleep Station for advice on healthy sleep behaviours and learn about sleep services available for free on the NHS.

5. Be prepared! 

You know the basics – drink more water, eat fresh foods, always eat breakfast – but busy lives mean certain behaviours get left behind in favour of quick and easy – but its not hard to combine the two!

Take some time out on a Sunday afternoon to batch prepare meals for the week ahead. Put your water bottle in your bag the night before so you remember to bring it to work.

Riverford Organics and other food boxes are a great way to introduce more fruit and veg into your diet without any hassle – delivered fresh, they offer exciting new recipe ideas which will liven up your dinners too. Plus Q Card holders receive free delivery.

6. Restrictive diets DO NOT work!

A healthy diet is about ADDING more healthy food to your diet, increasing your intake – of veg, of fruit, of water. There is always room for treats!

Life is too short to deprive yourself all the time – make sure you let yourself enjoy a treat once in a while – you’re much more likely to stick to your healthy choices the majority of the time – plus beating yourself up over a cheat day here and there doesn’t help anyone!

How about a Friday sandwich order or check our Q Card offers for a range of offers at bars and restaurants along with a range of gym promotions!

7. Do what you love!

The MOST important step to a happier healthier you – is happiness!

Don’t get stuck in a rut- change it up! Sign up to one of the many Quorum volunteering opportunities offered every year. Keep an eye out for Wildlife Group events this year. 

Not happy in your job? The Quorum Jobs Fair will have up to 1000 jobs of offer over the next 12 months. Come along Thursday 2nd March 10.00-3.00. Alternatively, learn more about discounts on training qualifications available through the Q Card scheme.