On Our Bikes! - Quorum Park

Quorum Business Park, Helping You To Get On Two Wheels. 

At Quorum Business Park we’re dedicated to creating a lifestyle that enhances your working day, recognising that your personal health and wellbeing plays a huge part in allowing you to operate at your best.
In addition to the many activities and amenities that are available to you across the Business Park, we are also keen to provide you with a sustainable and healthy option for your daily commute. So with this in mind, the Quorum Hub has created a truly unique scheme to make cycling to work simple.

FREE Cycle Hire At Quorum

The ‘Ride Before You Buy’ Scheme enables you to borrow one of our pool bikes free of charge for up to one month.

This gives you the chance to decide whether cycling to and from the Quorum Business Park works for you, before you go to the expense of buying your own bike. We have both male and female bikes available, as well as a folding bike which can be carried onto public transport!

We’ll even provide you with a helmet, pannier bags and bike lock.
To book a pool bike contact 0191 287 1148 or email hub@quorumbp.co.uk.

And once you’ve made your decision, we’ve even thought about how we can continue to help you.

Quorum: Keeping You On Two Wheels

At our Bike Hub you’ll be given all the support you need to maintain this healthy and sustainable lifestyle choice.

You’ll have access to free bike servicing, cycle training courses, route planning and friendly advice.

To join the Quorum Bicycle User Group email hub@quorumbp.co.uk.
We look forward to welcoming you!