Active Workplace Launches at Quorum - Quorum Park

An exciting programme of sports activities coming to Quorum in 2016

Active Wokplace is a local initiatve ran by Tyne & Wear Sport encouraging local businesses to undertake sports activites. A variety of week courses are offered across the year at low cost and can be easlily booked online

Courses take place in a variety of locations across the North East with some taking place onsite at Quorum and in the nearby leisure centre. We will also be able to use our excellent onsite sports facilities.

Some of the course already confirmed include Trampolining, Sailing, Snowboarding and Pistol Shooting. Watch this space for new courses to be added in early 2016 – including Dance classes, fencing, basketball and netball.

If you are interested in taking part in our new weekly running club starting Spring 2016 email to register your interest. We’ll send out more info on this soon.

Alongside unique Quorum courses, Quorum staff are also invite to take part in courses with last minute places to fill across the North East. These will be advertised online, in the weekly Hub Update and in our monthly newsletter. These opportunities can include Horse riding, adult swim classes, ski sessions and more.