Carbon offset initiative to preserve Indonesian rainforest - Quorum Park

There are so many ways in which organisations can reduce their impact upon the planet, and at Quorum Park, this is really important to us. After all, there is no planet B, so the more we can do to protect the environment, the better.


That’s why we’re pleased to have taken ownership of a small corner of the earth as part of our long-term efforts to create a pleasant and sustainable environment, not only in our native North East, but around the world.

The Indonesian land, which amounts to 128 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs), each of which represents a reduction or removal of the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, is located on a rainforest reserve.

Our events and sustainability manager Laura McGrath explains: “Not only will this protect a crucial area of rainforest from destruction in the future, but it offsets the effect of the carbon we use at Quorum Park through our gas supply. And that’s not all.

“The plot is part of the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, which preserves tropical peat swamp forest and its rich diversity, including the endangered Bornean orangutan – and supports small-scale food producers and other entrepreneurs and innovators, encouraging equitable distribution of economic resources, and building capacity to improve sanitation.”

The area was originally due to be converted for palm oil production, but through VERRA, an organisation that works with the world’s leaders to achieve sustainable developmental and climate action goals through ambitious accountability standards, it’s now under the conservatorship of dedicated ecologists at InfiniteEARTH.

Laura added: “We know that more and more members of the Quorum Park community are looking at ways in which they can be kinder to the planet, and although we can’t solve the climate crisis overnight, every little helps.

“We hope this news will give all our occupiers and their teams the confidence that we’re doing all we can on their behalf.”