Changes to Arriva Bus Services from 18 March 2018 - Quorum Park


Newcastle City Council originally advised the Killingworth Road would be re-opened on 28 Feb 2018, however the closure has been extended until June 2018 as there are complications with the utilities works and some of the Arriva buses are changing…

X7/X8 Service

  • X7 will leave Quorum and go straight down Benton Lane then turn right at Four Lane Ends, rather than diverting through Balliol and Longbenton first. This is actually a good thing for people working at Quorum as it will make the bus journey to town a lot quicker on the X7 bus.
  • The X8 will still travel through Balliol and Longbenton before heading to Newcastle. There are just some minor changes elsewhere on the route

NOTE the X7 and X8 bus do not stop at Four Lane Ends, they just travel past it.

 Change to the 555 Service

  • The 555 will no longer travel to the Regent Centre after the last journey to Four Lane Ends as there wasn’t enough people using the service to make it commercially viable.

Service 52 and 54

Arriva have been monitoring passenger numbers on their evening services and they have recorded very few people using them. Some of the evening routes are no longer commercially viable and as a result:

  • The number 52 bus to Newcastle at 21:05 will be withdrawn from 18 March 2018
  • The number 54 bus to Newcastle at 21:19, 22:06 and 23:06 will be withdrawn from 18 March 2018

All timetables are available to download from around 4 weeks before the change. The new timetables should also be ‘live’ on around 2 weeks before the change.