Ducks Spotted back onsite! - Quorum Park

Spring must truly have sprung as the Quorum Ducks are back around the centre of the park! 

We’ve had a family of ducks visit us around Springtime every year since the park has been open, the ducks are regularly seen enjoying the sunshine between the Q8-Q15 Buildings in the centre of the park. 

They are very comfortable around passers by and you don’t need to avoid them but we do ask that you take care when driving out of the car parks as there has been a duck hit by a car in the past. 

There have been ducklings sighted in the past too – please take care when leaving the park and be patient if they are crossing the road. 

We also recommend that you DO NOT feed them bread – it’s really bad for them! Oats, corn and peas are a better bet if you can’t resist feeding them. 

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