Equality Works: Putting gender on the agenda (part two) - Quorum Park

Equality in the workplace is firmly back on the agenda thanks to a series of inspiring campaigns from determined individuals.

We spoke to three leading women based at Quorum Business Park to find out what equality means to them – and to see if they had any advice for both women and men.

In the second of this two part series, we speak to Lisa Davidson, HR Director at Connect Health.

Read part one here.

Equality in the workplace: Lisa Davidson

Taking responsibility

Connect Health is a national physiotherapy business based at Quorum Business Park. Lisa held a number of senior HR positions in the UK, India and the Gulf, before moving to the company.

She explains how they have worked to change a historical male dominance within the company and are now seeing the results.  

“Historically, the senior level positions in Connect were male dominated. However, we have worked hard over the last 12 months to support and encourage women to apply for more senior positions, and have a talent programme that is primarily aimed at high potential females.”

What is clear from Lisa is her belief that companies can’t just take a ‘wait and see’ approach. She believes businesses need to take responsibility for putting equality issues on their agenda.

She said: “Companies need to have a clear strategy on developing and encouraging equality and diversity in the workplace, which includes the support and development of women.”

Ultimately, Lisa thinks the future is bright for women in business.

She sees women being more empowered to challenge inappropriate behaviour and the spotlight on gender pay gaps helping people take another step forward in developing women into senior positions.

Knowing your rights

Through her role in HR, Lisa is well placed to provide advice when it comes to women and their rights at work. Here are her top three tips for knowing where you stand in the eyes of the law.

On having a family…

“Your career doesn’t have to plateau when you have a family. You should still apply for promotions when you’re pregnant or, in fact, on maternity leave.”

“I left a role to join Connect at the end of my maternity leave as I was ready for a new challenge.”

On staying in the loop…

“Make sure, when you are on maternity leave, you use your 10 ‘Keep In Touch’ days. These will ensure you’re up to date with what’s going on at work.”

On flexible working…

“Look at your company’s family friendly policies, such as shared parental leave, flexi-time, term time and condensed hours.

“You have the right to apply for flexible working when you have children.”


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