Exploring Multi Modal Travel - Quorum Park

Multi Modes of Transport at Quorum Business Park


Quorum’s Commuter Centre Manager Laura McVittie explores Multimodality and the impact is can have on Health and Wellbeing. 

Multimodality is the the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips. Many of us instinctively opt for the same method of transport when moving around without necessarily examining the needs of the specific journey. 

As parking gets tighter and local congestion builds due to roadworks, I would like to you consider trying some different transport modes: cycle to or from a metro station, park your car up and cycle the last few miles or take the bus and get off a few stops early to stroll into work.

If you can’t get a bus direct from your local area, why not get a bus as close as you can and then get a lift from someone? You can find someone to car share with on the Quorum Liftshare Website. The Hub could also help you get a week’s free bus travel.

As well as providing health benefits, significant savings can be achieved through a multimodal approach, particularly when short journeys are completed through walking and cycling.

By introducing some sustainable transport modes into our journeys, not only can we have a positive impact on the environment, we may just find that we’re fitter and happier, with some extra spending money too!

For more travel information about all your travel options to and from Quorum visit https://quorumbusiness.co.uk/life/getting-here/  

Examples of ‘multimodality’

I live 15 miles away so I recently trialled a folding Brompton bike from The Cycle Centre in Byker cycle from Washington to Pelaw, jumped on the Metro and then cycled from Four Lane Ends to Quorum. I fell in love with the bike. It was so easy to ride and fold so I am planning to purchase a folding bike through my cycle to work scheme when the next window of opportunity arises. 

I have also parked at The Border Minstrel Pub at Newcastle Racecourse and cycled the last 3 miles on a Mobike. It only takes 13 minutes, clears my head before my working day and was nicer than waiting in queuing traffic on Salters Lane.  

A colleague lives in the Tyne Valley and drops her son at Callerton Metro each morning. She recently started to leave her car in the park and ride car park there, paying £1 per day. Then cycles 6.5 miles into work in under 30 mins.   It’s a great way for her to do some daily exercise.

If you have any other examples of multimodality to share, or you are interested in finding out about:

  • the price and location of park and ride sites
  • the cost public transport tickets
  • the easiest/quickest/safest cycle routes
  • local bike hire schemes

Please email laura.mcvittie@quorumbp.co.uk