Face Your Fears Day - Quorum Park

October 13th saw staff offered a chance to face their fears as part of a national event.

Snakes, spiders, snails and other creepy crawlies were brought in by Gosforth based For Paws.

All tastes were catered for with the sneaky addition of some cuter animals too – a rabbit, guinea pigs and a pygmy hedgehog (Quill I am) who were a massive hit with men and women alike. Eileen, owner at For Paws presented a talk on each individual animal and staff were allowed to handle any creature they liked.

Events Manager Laura Barber was thrilled with the event ‘We actually saw people with real phobias come in today – not all of them held every animal, but said even just the step of coming into the room was a big step for them – it feels great to have helped someone make a big achievement in the middle of their day! Best of all, For Paws only deal with rescued animals making this a great company to work with.