Finchale College Horticultural Students - Quorum Park

Host Plant Sale
Finchale was established as a specialist centre for disabled adults when the previous hotel was transformed in 1943 to provide support for injured ex-servicemen returning home from active service during the Second World War.

Since then they have become a leading national provider of specialist employment programmes for over 300 men and women each year. Their trainees bring a wide variety of life experiences upon which they build for the future. You can choose to reside at the College or travel daily. There is a wide range of occupational programmes as well as specialist support by highly qualified and experienced staff to meet your personal needs.

Their success in achieving one of the highest employment progression rates in Britain is founded on their unique approach in addressing all the employment barriers experienced by an individual as part of a single customised programme that is focussed on ability and realistic employment opportunities.

Among the list of programmes to choose from is Horticulturalist classes, and as part of an initiative intended to help students prepare and progress to employment/self-employment of more than 16 hours per week, the horticultural students of Finchale College hosted a Plant Sale on-site. Completion of the course provides students with the necessary skills to seek opportunities in general and specific areas of horticulture, including working for public authorities, specialised producers, landscape contractors and garden and commercial retail centres.