Getting to know - Eric Brown - Quorum Park

In our ‘Getting to Know’ series, we are meeting members of our team to find out a little more about them and what they do here at Quorum. We are lucky to have a fantastic team who work hard all year round to make Quorum a great place to work.

Eric, please tell us about the role you play within the Quorum team.

My first role was night shift guard, but since my Grandad (Bill) retired earlier this year, after nearly 20 years working at the Park, I am working day shifts.

What roles did you have prior to joining the Quorum team?

I started off as an IT Technician apprentice. After completing a Level 3 qualification in Learning & Development I went on to do my SIA  (Security Industry Authority) training. I passed the course and then moved into security .

When did you start working at Quorum?

I started in 2019

What do you enjoy most about your role at Quorum?

Being able to help tenants and the Park’s Management team, but also being able to interact with the public and provide them with any help or advice I can when they visit Quorum.

What makes Quorum a special place to work?

The closeness of the team that I am a part of and also the Management team, who are there to help us and support us in our roles.

What will be keeping you busy in the coming months?

Our Spring and Summer events programme will certainly keep me busy. I am still getting used to working day shifts – no two days are ever the same here at Quorum.

What has been your most memorable day whilst working at Quorum?

Working at the Quorum Christmas Market, which was an amazing event.

Tell us something about Quorum that we may not know?

It’s a great place to work, there are endless opportunities to get involved in.

Who do you admire and why?

My Grandad as he has been a huge role model for myself whilst I have been working here at Quorum.

What gets you out of bed on a morning?

Going to work and being able to help people in any way I can.

Tell us one piece of advice you have never forgotten

That you can’t control the actions of others around you, but you can control your reaction to their actions.

What keeps you busy when you are not working at Quorum?

Spending time with my Grandparents and my younger brothers, and going on walks around my neighborhood.

What does relaxation look like for you?

Putting some music on and relaxing in my flat