Guest Blog: Who can adopt? You can! - Quorum Park

With an increasing need for adopters across our region, Adopt North East explain why now is a good to time to consider this life-changing decision.


Adopt North East is your local adoption agency, providing adoption services on behalf of North Tyneside, Northumberland, Newcastle, South Tyneside and Gateshead councils. 

There are more children waiting today for their forever family than there are adopters. Children of all ages, needs and backgrounds are waiting, including those who are brothers and sisters who want to live together. 

If you are aged over 21, own or rent your home, are single, married or in a partnership, Adopt North East would love to hear from you. We welcome all applications regardless of gender identity, sex, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

There is a range of information we can send you, but often the best way to help you think about adopting is to attend one of our regular information events. These are online, informal, warm and honest presentations about adoption.

As well as meeting some of the staff, you will hear from adopters themselves and can ask questions. There’s no pressure on anyone and we appreciate that for many people this could be the first step towards their forever family. 

If you decide that adoption may be right for you, we will then visit you at home and share with you in more detail the process of assessment. We will keep telling you that we will be with you every step of the journey – because we will.

If, after this chat over a coffee, you feel that adoption is right for you, you can make a formal application to adopt with us. We would be thrilled if you would do so.

You can get in touch at any time to find out more about the adoption process and the ongoing support Adopt North East provides. Or join one of our online information events (please contact us for joining instructions):

  • Tuesday 8th February, 6.30-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 9th March, 6.30-8.30pm

Visit or call (0191) 643 5000.

“Can I adopt if…” 

…I am single? Yes. We work with single applicants to identify who is within their support network and the contribution that network could make to the care of a child.  

…I have had recent fertility treatment 

It is important that you have taken time to grieve and accept this loss, so we ask for a period of six months since your last treatment. 

…my home is not very big, or I live in rental accommodation? 

Yes, though applicants need to have enough space in their home to comfortably accommodate an adopted child. 

…I am unemployed or on a low income? 

Yes. You can adopt if you are on benefits and we always consider an applicant’s financial circumstances. An adopter will need to evidence that they can meet the costs of caring for a child. Adopt North East will support an applicant to explore what benefits or tax credits they may be entitled to.