Help us go Zero Waste and make a bottle brick! - Quorum Park

Take part in our latest environmental project and create a bottle brick seating area

Bottle bricks are also known as portable landfill devices and are an ingenious way to use non biodegradable waste. 

Plastic bottles are filled with plastics, wrappers and foils – the nature of this means the bottles become as durable as a brick. 

We’re planning on collecting as many bricks as we can to make some furniture in our shared garden area. 

You can make a bottle brick using: 

  • Crisp packets
  • Tin Foil 
  • Sweet Wrappers
  • Plastic carrier bags 
  • Dental Floss
  • Polythene bags 
  • Stickers 
  • Even cigarette butts! 

26 crisp multi packs can fit inside one bottle brick!

Here is how you can help! 

  • Drop completed bottle bricks off at the hub 
  • Arrange a collection of non recyclable waste in your office, we can collect to use at a volunteering event
  • Volunteer to fill bricks at a lunchtime event – there are rewards for our supporters! 
  • Share our social media posts about bottle bricks to educate others about reducing waste! 
  • You can drop your bottle bricks off at our new home at the Neon Reception (Q10) or Q11 reception. 

Find more info on bottle bricks here.