International Women's Day prize winner announced - Quorum Park

Sitel’s Oshin Christopher has been awarded our Women’s Self Care prize after being nominated buy a number of her colleagues 

Reading through various nominations put forward for Oshin, she was a clear winner to us straight away. 

Oshin is very well traveled, originally from India, with a degree from Cambridge University in Marine Biology. She is now completing a Masters Degree at Newcastle University and looking to gain a PhD

All the staff who nominated her mentioned her bright and cheery personality despite being away from home during a global pandemic.

Oshin has kindly shared some behind the scenes pics of her life in marine conservation and confirms it is just as amazing as it sounds.

Well done Oshin! 



“Call centres need a rising star like Oshin, she is a great role model for young people. Always friendly and helpful, making a difference in the world through her marine studies.”

Margaret Hence

NCS trust, Sitel

Oshin with prize
Oshin works in marine conservation