Meet our Pollinators! - Quorum Park

The new pollinator planting at the park’s signage is starting to take shape and looks fantastic.

We deliberately chose to plant pollinators in front of the Quorum sign to make clear our intentions of supporting biodiversity onsite. We’ve deliberately selected bee and butterfly friendly plants rather than uniform manicured styles.

You’ll even notice the plants themselves are different from the plants on the alternative sign – that’s because we’re focusing on what grows best in the specific light and shade conditions and we’re going for biodiversity friendly over a certain corporate look.

Here at the hub we’ve been taking tips from the landscaping team on tips of which flowers work best and where.
So here is a run down of the plants we’ve selected to attract bees and butterflies here at Quorum Park. 


Biodiversity is a hot topic right now. 

My goal is that people walk round Quorum Park and are all struck with the same thought: that they’re surprised how green and full of life it is. We wants people and wildlife to thrive in our spaces and our committed to making bold choices with our landscaping to support that. 

Laura McGrath

Events & Sustainability Manager, Quorum Park


Hydrangeas are attractive features in the garden all year round as their leaves have great ornimental value as well as their flowers.

Hydrangeas can thrive in full sun. 

Did you know you can change the colour of a hydrangea flower by mixing up the acidity levels of the soil they’re in! 

Purple Vervian


Vervains are great at attracting butterflies as they have a really pungent nectar when in flower. 

Vervains thrive in sunshine and can also grow well in pots. 

Cone FLower

Cone Flowers 

Cone flowers are loved by bees and butterflies

They are very low maitience and don’t require dead heading

Cone Flowers enjoy living in full sun

Coral Bells Planting at Quorum PAak Entrance

Coral Bells

Coral Bell flowers produce nectar which is loved by butterflies

They can live in shady spots.

Coral bells make wonderful edging plants and put on a show when planted in groups.

Floral display at the front sign

General Tips 

Bees favourite plant colours are blue, violet and yellow – plant anything in that colour and you’re probably onto a winner! 

They also enjoy tubular shapes like fox gloves, penstemons and beardtogues. 

Jut starting out? Start small with pots so you can move the locations round until you’re feeling confident to plant in the soil. (Though remember to keep an eye on the soil drainage when using pots!) 

Wildflowers prefer growing on established grass over soil so if using wildflower seed bombs its better to use on grass.