New Quorum e-Bike now available! - Quorum Park

In February we were very excited to take delivery of a new e-Bike at Quorum Park – and already it is proving to be a popular addition to our growing fleet of pool bikes.

For the past 12 months, our onsite team has had the use of an e-cargobike which led to us trialling several e-Bikes with a range of employees who work at Quorum. As part of the trial, we also undertook surveys with everyone who used the bikes to help us assess how effective they were in improving their commuting experiences.

The month-long trial took place in November and proved to be a great success. So this month has seen the start of a 2 year association with Ride Electric which will mean anyone working on site can use the bike to try out cycling to and from work.

With different modes of assistance, e-Bikes can cater for all fitness levels and abilities. The assisted pedalling means riders can put more clothes on than would normally be appropriate for regular cycling. On rainy days you can wrap up warm, put your waterproofs on and get to work as dry as you would have been if you travelled by car.

Laura Kerry, travel and tenant and tenant adviser at Quorum Park said: “We are currently rolling out a number of initiatives to help encourage active travel and the addition of an e-Bike to our bike pool has already had a very positive response. Switching from travelling by car to an active travel method can have a huge positive impact on your physical health and mental wellbeing.”

The University of Edinburgh has carried out a study, that shows an active commute totalling 150 minutes per week, can achieve risk reductions in premature mortality of 10-11%. An active commute can also reduce risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and Type II diabetes.

Laura added: “I recently trialled an e-Bike for my own personal use and have purchased one from Ride Electric through a salary sacrifice scheme, so I know first-hand what the benefits are.”

For more information on the monthly bike hire scheme that Ride Electric are currently promoting in partnership with RISE please visit: and for more details on the new Quorum e-Bike please contact Laura Kerry.