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For almost a year now, our People & Culture Forum has been going from strength to strength, helping members of the Quorum Park community to become more resilient and confident. But did you know that our partner Becca Brighty, who leads these sessions, also offers in-depth workshops to businesses looking to strengthen their teams through diversity and inclusion?

Becca is an organisational psychologist and coach that runs Brighty People, a firm helping businesses and employees to unlock long-term workplace happiness and success, and educational charity NCFE which is based on the park, booked Becca for a recent two-hour workshop looking at this complex subject.

Up to a fifth of us are neurodivergent, meaning our brains work in ways that are different from what is generally accepted as typical, but how that manifests is different for everyone, and that makes work environments increasingly diverse places, with official recognition for some conditions increasing by as much as 800 per cent over the last 20 years. So, more and more organisations, like NCFE, are beginning to realise that regular training to help their teams understand and celebrate individual differences can make for happier, healthier and more productive workplaces for everyone.

Becca’s session, ‘An introduction to neurodiversity and individual differences in the workplace’, is designed to educate delegates about what neurodiversity means, highlight that we’re all different, and foster an understanding of the impacts that different brains and their preferences can have upon both individuals and the teams they’re part of.

NCFE staff were left with an appreciation that inclusivity is a mindset and by making small changes to accommodate diversity, you can make the workplace more welcoming and constructive for both neurodivergent and neurotypical team members in all roles.

Reb Robb, Campaigns and Admin Assistant at Campaign for Learning, part of the NCFE group, is neurodivergent and attended the session curious about what they could learn.

Reb said: “Becca is a great speaker and her presentation was very informative. It really highlighted some of the simple yet impactful changes that organisations can make to support people to become the best they can be.

“I particularly liked the activity when we looked at colleague work patterns and behaviours, because it highlighted some of the assumptions we make without knowing the full story.

“I would thoroughly recommend attending a session if you can, because it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and others.”

Claire Hopkins, People Services Business Partner at NCFE who also attended the session, added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Neurodiversity workshop hosted by Becca Brighty. I left with a better understanding of what neurodiversity is, what it is not, and a neurodivergent perspective.

“The practical exercises were a great insight and I left with knowledge that I can apply in both my work life, advising and supporting others, and personal as my niece is neurodivergent. Becca was a great host who is clearly passionate about the subject and shares her experiences openly with such honesty.”

Upcoming People & Culture Forum sessions, which take place in Q11 with new members always welcome, will look at maintaining mental wellbeing across a career, and the neuroscience behind productivity. Sign up to attend at Eventbrite, and to find out more about one of Brighty People’s more in-depth workshops, contact The Hub on 0191 691 0889 or at, and we’ll put you in touch.

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