Office park helps to meet demand for clean travel - Quorum Park

More commuters at a North East office park will be able to travel while protecting the planet from harmful emissions, thanks to its latest move.

Quorum Park has installed a series of fast electric charging points on the site to help satisfy growing demand for more environmentally friendly travel options.

Eleven new 22kw charge points have been installed which can fully charge most vehicles in just a few hours. This brings the total number of fast charging bays on the park to 15.   

Four charge points already exist outside the Neon building, which are connected to the Hubsta network and available for public use at a rate of 25p per kw, with a 20% discount for those working on the park. 

The new sockets, which are located behind the Quorum retail parade are connected to the Franklin Energy Life network, available exclusively to Quorum tenants and their staff with a rate of 20p/kwh. Both networks are easy-to use and operated via an app, meaning it is quick for a motorist to pull up to the point and charge their car whilst at work. 

Laura Kerry, tenant and travel advisor for Quorum Park, said: “We know that more and more people based on the park are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint, particularly in their daily life and commute. So, we’re delighted to be able to help meet this demand, and allow more people to switch to using either hybrid or 100 per cent electric vehicles as part of our support for the regional clean air strategy. 

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing sustainable travel options to those that work at Quorum Park and always keen to offer options that give our tenants greater choice in how they minimise their environmental impact.”

Robert Byrne, managing director of Franklin Energy added: “We are very pleased to be providing our charge point management systems to Quorum Park to ensure that the electric vehicle charge points are accessed in the most stress-free way possible. The demand for electric vehicles is constantly increasing and so it is important that access to charge points is guaranteed at all times.”

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