Avoiding Growing Pains: Office Space that’s a Perfect Fit - Quorum Park

Outside the Neon building office space

When a business outgrows its office space, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

You may have progressed rapidly from co-working, to serviced office space, to a shared office, but what’s the next step on your business’ journey?

With over five or six people, being self contained can be a lot more cost effective, however, some companies won’t be ready for the responsibility that comes with taking leased space; have you thought about maintenance, breakout areas and kitchen facilities?

But what options are available as a halfway house? And what are the benefits?

Dedicated Office Space

One option for growing businesses is taking on office space in a building with multiple occupants and shared space.

This type of setting combines the privacy of your own office space with the benefit of shared, communal areas.

One of the main advantages of a building with multiple office suites is that businesses don’t have to pay to provide their own meetings rooms and break out spaces. These can often sit unused – or just become an expensive storage rooms.

With shared meeting rooms, businesses can book them when needed – and they’re fully staffed and equipped with the latest technology to impress your colleagues and clients.

Security can also be a big issue for growing businesses, especially if you deal with sensitive information.

At Quorum, the recently launched Neon suites have been filling up with growing businesses, attracted by the shared facilities and flexible lease terms.

Pool table inside the Neon building office space


Businesses in the Qeleven and Neon buildings range in size from five to 350 people. Office space here is split into suites, catering for different needs and requirements.

Another reason businesses are attracted to this type of office space is the opportunity to collaborate with others. Break out space and communal kitchens are (arguably) where some of the best thinking happens.

In buildings where other businesses are in residence, you never know who you might meet. Need big data advice? Introduce yourself to WANdisco in the Neon building. Looking for IT services? Say hello to TSG in Qeleven.

You may also be on the lookout for the latest on-trend amenities to help you attract the best talent. From slides and sheds, to coffee and inspirational books, businesses are embracing different ways of getting the most from their staff.

With its unique design, Neon offers the chance for your employees to get away from their desks. Let off steam with a game of table tennis or pool, or feel nostalgic playing over 60 retro video games.

Meeting room inside the Neon building office space

Room to Grow

When looking for your next office space, it’s always good to plan one step ahead. While a building with multiple businesses might be the right move now, what about the office after that?

This is especially important for businesses experiencing rapid growth. By future-proofing your office location, you can avoid wasting time and money on long distance relocations.

When selecting your next office space, have a look at the opportunities for expansion. Ask about past business who have done exactly that.

Take InsuretheBox at Quorum Business Park. In 2010 they chose the top floor office in the Q1 building as the home for their North East based Service Centre.

After two very successful years they expanded into the Qeleven building, moving from less than 10 staff to having more than 200.

If you’re not sure about your next move, take the time to really understand what’s important for your business. This type of office space may be the solution to what you need, even if it’s just the next step in your journey.

Want to know more about office space at Quorum? Take a closer look at our buildings and get in touch to discuss what’s on offer.