On 2 wheels this winter? We can help - whatever the weather! - Quorum Park

As you know, for many reasons we’re fans of the two-wheeled commute here at Quorum Park, and with months of winter darkness ahead of us, we’ve organised a special event as part of Road Safety Week to help all members of our community to feel chilled about riding throughout the chilly season.

The seven-day initiative is road safety charity Brake’s biggest annual campaign, so what better time for us to welcome the experts from Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists (NAM) and Bike4Health to the park to give us some tips for safer winter cycling, whether by motor or pedal power.

On Wednesday, November 16, a pop-up will be crewed by members of both organisations, including NAM Chair Rick Henderson, who’s a familiar face to many as he worked at Balfour Beatty in Q14 before he retired.

 He explained: “We’re a charity and a local member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and we help motorcyclists ride safely and responsibly, both for themselves and all other road users.

“We want all types of road users to be more mindful of one another and can help people understand the things that advanced motorcyclists – those that have passed their Advanced Motorcycle Test – do through further training to be safer for everyone when they’re out on their bikes.

“For example, why do bikers move about in the lane? We’ll tell you that and more during the event to encourage greater understanding and consideration between people, so our streets and roads are safer for all.”

Dan Wills from Bike4Health will also be on hand to help cyclists plan safe routes and understand the importance of having alternative routes in case of challenging or unexpected conditions.

He’ll also help people choose the right gear to stay warm when cycling over the winter months and share tips to keep their bike in its best condition.

He said: “Being seen is of course crucial to being a safe cyclist, as it is to being a safe motorist, and there are a number of considerations to be taken into account to be safe and warm when on a bike in wintry conditions.

 “For example, with winter grit, salt, water and oil on the roads, tyres and brakes can get contaminated and that can affect their performance, but at Bike4Health we can help you understand what to look for and how to prevent problems.

 “It can be easy to think twice about cycling to work on a wet and gloomy morning, but with simple steps you can fully prepare for adverse conditions and keep your motivation up.”

Road Safety Week starts on November 14th and our road safety pop up will take place at our shopping parade close to the park entrance, Quorum Retail. To see what else is coming up at Quorum Park, follow our Facebook page or visit quorumpark.com/news-and-events.