Outdoor Gym Equipment Grand Opening - Quorum Park

Falcons Limber up for Quorum’s new fitness facility at Q Card Birthday Exhibition!

QUORUM has unveiled its impressive new outdoor fitness station, with the help of the Newcastle Falcons.

The six-piece fitness station, which is now open for the park’s employees to use throughout the spring and summer months, has been designed to assist with toning work, cardio fitness, resistance training and cool downs. Newcastle Falcons’ player Alex Crockett was on hand to officially launch the equipment with some help from NE Fit Bootcamp and Quorum’s on-site trainer Adam Hitchings.

Former England Saxons and England Under-21s player Alex Crockett, said: “It was great to be invited along today, the gym equipment looks like it will be a big draw for people on the park, going by the number of them that came along today. I’m sure Quorum staff will be fighting fit before the summer is out!”

Quorum Business Park events and sustainability manager Laura Barber said: “The fitness station is a fantastic addition to the park’s leisure facilities, alongside the sports club pitches and exercise programmes run on-site, and we’re delighted that a member of the Falcons team came along to support our fitness and well-being efforts – showing us how it’s done best.

“Our resident bootcamp expert Adam was also on hand to demonstrate how the equipment can be used alone or in conjunction with other fitness activities, such as a perfect cool down activity for runners. The station’s ease of access is a good incentive for staff on the park to introduce exercise into their daily routine.”