Q & A - Rightmove Landlord & Tenant Services - Quorum Park
We have been talking to Lydia Alton, Compliance Officer at Rightmove Landlord & Tenant Services about how the firm’s relocation to Quorum has impacted her and her colleagues.

Earlier this year, Rightmove Landlord and Tenant Services Limited relocated to Quorum from Killingworth, taking 5,850 sq. ft. of ground floor space in the NEON building.

We have been talking to Lydia Alton, Compliance Officer, to find out how the move has gone and how it is impacting the business and its workforce.

So Lydia, please tell us how Quorum Park compares with your former office location?

Although we’re not far from our former location, our new office space within the Neon building at Quorum Park is so much more convenient for staff travelling to work, there are great public transport links, and plenty of space for parking.

The facilities on offer at Quorum Park are plentiful, with a great choice of lunch spots within walking distance.

You moved in at the start of summer, how has your new office space been working for you?

I’ve personally found the new space a much more inviting place to be.

The open plan layout makes it easy to connect with colleagues in other departments, and at the same time there are plenty of meeting rooms and other breakout spaces throughout the building to hold meetings and host visitors.

What changes have you seen since the move, in terms of the health and wellbeing of you and your colleagues?

Since being at Quorum, I’ve found I take more time for myself throughout the working day.

There’s so much greenery throughout the park, with plenty of peaceful spots to take a quick break and get some fresh air.

I’ve found myself taking walks at lunchtime and returning to the office much more refreshed.

Have you had any other feedback on what the team likes about working at Quorum?

We’ve received so much positive feedback from the team since the move to Quorum, from the additional facilities we have within our office suite, to the community feeling across the park.

We’ve had a large number of the team get involved with the activities arranged by the Hub, with particular enthusiasm for the animal-related events such as the Dog Show, and the socialisation days with Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter.

What has been the impact on team morale?

We’ve definitely seen team morale improve since moving to the new office.

After a number of years of working from home through the pandemic, our team members have told us that settling into hybrid working in a brand-new office has made them feel really valued by our business.

Is your new office at NEON helping you to attract new staff?

Yes – having a modern, spacious office with great facilities is proving to be an added benefit for candidates hoping to work with us at Rightmove.

Having a welcoming space, with offerings such as the discounts available through the Q Card, and the activity days offered through the Hub is really attractive.

Outside of the NEON building, what do you like about working at Quorum?

The focus on environment and the community is fantastic.

There are many green initiatives throughout the park, such as supporting wildlife, growing produce, recycling, e-bike schemes, and the Hub team put on so many brilliant activity days which help bring businesses together and support local charities, all of which align with our values at Rightmove.

Can you tell us about your current working patterns at Rightmove and how the move to Quorum supports this?

Rightmove currently operates hybrid working, with the majority of staff working 2 days a week in the office.

The move to Quorum allows staff to be flexible and choose to work in the office more often should they wish to.

If you would like more information on the office space currently available at Quorum, please get in touch.