Q & A with Tony Wordsworth - Part 1 - Quorum Park

In our latest Agent Q & A, Tony Wordsworth of Avison Young tells us how he has been affected by Covid-19 lockdown, why Quorum is such a popular choice for occupiers and what he thinks is the key disadvantage of working from home.

Tell me about what your job entails – what is an office agent?

That’s a very good question! Our job involves advising building owners on sales and letting strategies to secure new tenants for vacant space. We also provide informed advice of refurbishment strategies to help minimise void periods on empty space and secure rental growth.

We also advise occupiers on occupational strategy, changes in workplace standards, lease terms for transactions and act as a liaison point on space acquisition with other property professionals, solicitors, telecoms, building surveyors, fit out companies etc.  

How have you been affected in recent weeks by Covid-19?

Like everyone, the day job has changed and the biggest change is that no building inspections are being undertaken. One of the great parts of the job is that it does not tie you to a desk, it gets you out meeting people from across the business spectrum and looking at a variety of office space. So its been very strange not being out meeting people and carrying out viewings of space either for the letting or acquisitions.

Many people are currently working at home. What do you think traditional office environments offer that that home-working cannot?

We are all becoming very adept now on Sykpe, Zoom and Teams but the biggest benefit that the office environment offers in my mind is social contact with colleagues. In the office environment there are so many opportunities for contact with colleagues that just spark an idea, it could be a chat with someone whilst getting a coffee or maybe just hearing a conversation that provides information that you have been trying to find. Conference calls and video calls are great but it’s the off the cuff chats that businesses miss and the opportunities that come from them.   

What makes Quorum Park such a good destination for office occupiers?

It’s certainly not your typical business park given that it forms part of the Newcastle urban conurbation as opposed to being stuck on the outskirts of the city.

Quorum benefits from great access to public transport links – bus and Metro, retail facilities are close at hand and road links are brilliant being equidistant to both the A1 and A19 so travel from around the region to Quorum is so easy.

The facilities on the park are superb, a great mix of on-site retailing for staff for breakfast and lunch. There are on site sports facilities, 5 aside football, tennis, running clubs, cycling events, all opportunities for workers to socialise with each other and make new friends. When the sun is out, there is also the on-site BBQ area, a great way to end the working day.

To contact Tony for details on the office space currently available at Quorum Park, email him at: Tony.Wordsworth@avisonyoung.com