Quorum encourages employees to travel smarter by launching Liftshare - Quorum Park

Encouraging employees to liftshare can bring big benefits for businesses, and Quorum is the latest notable name to launch their own liftshare scheme.

Playing host to some major household names such as Tesco Bank, Balfour Beatty, Convergys, Home Group and NCFE, the business park has over 4,000 people working on-site and boasts an impressive employment catchment area of 1 million– and this will be boosted as employees offer lifts to and from their home towns.

Quorum Business Park already has successful partnerships in place with local bus companies, with Arriva investing in new buses with free wifi to service the site, and having worked hard to achieve a 20% growth figure for bus use since 2008.

And the new scheme, Quorum Lifthsare, will help those for whom public transport isn’t an option. Employees on the park can offer a ride to others on their commute, or look up others going their way. Wherever you’re coming from, you’re likely to find a match

The new scheme marks Quorum’s ongoing commitment to helping grow and develop the businesses onsite, as well as encouraging employees to use sustainable travel to get to and from work.

Quorum Liftshare was launched in September as part of the Travel Smarter Month Campaign across the park. The Hub team have been handing out car air fresheners to promote the scheme and everyone who registered in September were entered into a prize draw to win a free car valet.

There will be ongoing promotion of the scheme throughout the winter months encouraging people to work out how much they can save using the scheme using an online Savings Calculator.