Quorum Games 2014 - Quorum Park

The Games have begun!
The Quorum Games is back for a third year running and is going from strength to strength. It promises to be another fantastic event and sees tenants from across the park compete to win the Gold Silver or Bronze at the Quorum Games.

The event commenced on the 23rd of June and the Boules Competition got the Games off to a nail-biting start with 4 sets of double teams playing tough matches against one another. Homegroup triumphed with an overwhelming defeat and took an early lead. The Egg and Spoon race was a close call with one circuit around the Sport Courts making it another victory for Homegroup! Everyone got to eat their kinder eggs after the race, a fair compensation for not winning we thought!

The Netball Tournament was a close call between Macaw and Homegroup but Macaw beat Homegroup with a 4-1 victory! Still to play next month are the Tennis and Football Tournaments and the Bubble Football taster sessions!