Quorum Games Reloaded - Quorum Park

Bodycare Clinics cinch the Quorum Games Reloaded title with a last minute surge in the sports day activities. 

Staff from around Quorum took part in an afternoons team building session let by Quorum Hub in partnership with Tyne & Wear Sports Active Workplace Programme. 

The event was dived into two halves, a more skilled sports tournament with staff trying out  Archery, Badminton and inflatable golf alongside challenging the Table Tennis Robot and Batak Pro reaction machine. 

The second half took on on a more tradition sports day format, with elected challengers taking on egg and spoon, three legged and sack races all taking place around Quorum Sports Courts. Much to the amusement of other event participants. 

David Marrin, Assistant Director at Tyne & Wear Sport was delighted with the day: ‘There is a health message that accompanies the day, but fundamentally we want people to just enjoy themselves – and take the message back to their workplaces that activity while at work is not only possible, but really good fun too!’

Quorum Events Manager, Laura McGrath oversaw the running of the day – ‘Its great to see tenants coming along and getting stuck in with such a wide range of events – the tournaments format meant it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a real beginner, everyone got to try their hand at what they wanted to and was free to skip anything they didn’t fancy’ 

Results were calculated by grading the top players score of each team on each event and Q6 tenants, Bodycare Clinics team ‘The Megalomaniacs’ were declared winners at the end of the event. 

All equipment used on the day can be hired directly through Tyne & Wear Sport, find out more on their website  www.tynewearsport.org/