Quorum hopes to inspire more ‘Good Work’ - Quorum Park

Quorum Park is backing a local business improvement scheme which aims to provide ‘better work’ for the region’s residents.

Quorum Park has met all the criteria to receive the Advanced Good Work Pledge – a zero-cost initiative provided by the North of Tyne Combined Authority to highlight what ‘Good Work’ looks like and recognise those employers demonstrating progress against five key pillars, namely that they value and reward their workforce, promote health and wellbeing, communicate effectively, represent and develop balanced teams, and act in a socially responsible way.

The scheme, which has a standard level as well as this advanced award, is designed to help organisations validate their commitment to providing good jobs – roles that as a minimum provide financial security and development opportunities, deliver fair representation, and pay wages that offer a decent standard of living.

To be successful, applicants must provide evidence that they either meet or are actively progressing towards all of the key criteria in at least two of the key areas for a standard award, and all five pillars of work for the advanced.

Laura McGrath is Quorum Park’s director of sustainability and community. She said: “We’re thankful to have gained this all-important recognition for the quality work we provide for our employees, but we’re also hoping this will lead to other businesses based on the park, and others further afield, feeling inspired to make the pledge themselves.

“Supporting the Good Work Pledge scheme by applying for its accreditation helps to champion good work for the benefit of everyone in our region, and we’re proud to be one of many leading the way on this.”

Metro Mayor for the North of Tyne area, Jamie Driscoll added: “We’ve come out of the Covid-19 pandemic and into an economic and cost-of-living crisis, so good work matters now more than ever. It’s great to see Quorum Park helping lead the charge against in-work poverty and I want to thank them for their commitment.

“Every employer in the region should aspire to be a good employer, so hopefully this news will mean even more businesses sign up to be part of our Good Work Pledge.”