Quorum Host Domestic Violence Champion Training - Quorum Park

A morning session of Domestic Violence Training  was hosted in the Qeleven Building. 

This is an initiative led by Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (PCC).

Our Domestic Violence Champion will act as a point of contact and raise awareness about domestic and sexual abuse. They will also ensure that the rest of the park has access to the most up to date information at all times; to ensure potential victims of violent abuse can be signposted to in order to seek support.

To find out more about the network or to join please visit Northumbria Police & Crime Commissioner’s website. The aim of the network is to improve community and business responses to domestic and sexual violence by providing training and assistance to enable staff to support colleagues experiencing abuse and to signpost them to specialist services where appropriate.

If you’d like more information about a free training event or free confidential support and advice, email laura.barber@quorumbp.co.uk.