Quorum Kites Running Club - Quorum Park

Quorum launches new onsite free running club meeting weekly.

The Quorum Kites will meet every Thursday at 5.30 at the Q12 building and aims to be back by 6.30 ( This includes a warming up, the main session and a cool down)
The running club is looking to cater for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

As a small club the idea is to get people together, who have or want to try running, improve fitness, help with people with their goals and most of all, enjoy what they do.
The club generally look to do runs 3 – 6 mile ( 5-10 KM) long at the moment. The speed is up to yourself, the 3.5 mile route takes 30-45 minutes with their current members BUT that does not mean you cannot take part if you are slower or faster.

The group is ran by three leaders, Mark, Emma And Phil. They will always make sure they look after everyone at the front and back and support you along the way.
There is currently no membership/joining fee or commitment required.

If you’d like more info about the club, email hub@quorumbp.co.uk