Quorum Mini Beast Hotel Open for Guests - Quorum Park








We’ve installed three new bug hotels in partnership with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust 

At Quorum Business Park we want to create a pleasant and sustainable environment where people, animals and business can thrive! 

To achieve this aim we make sure sustainability and the environment are given a central role. 

With the help of some onsite volunteers and a team from Northumberland Wildlife Trust we were able to put together three hotels.

Mini beast hotels (also know as wildlife stacks) are made from durable materials that are put together to create a number of small, secure and sheltered spaces where small creatures can make their home. 

Mini Beast hotels can house: 

  • Hedgehogs 
  • Frogs, toads & newts,
  • Bees
  • Creepy crawlies
  • Dragonflies & damselflies
  • Small mammals

The three Quorum hotels were made entirely from recycled materials around the park so are a create recycling tool too.

Lynette Friend from Northumberland Wildlife Trust said ‘its create to see businesses like Quorum committing to helping local wildlife, the mini beast hotels look great and I hope they will be full of creatures soon!’

The hotels can be found at the back of the Q12 building at the top of the park. For more info on onsite wildlife check out our wildlife map here.