Quorum Staff Join the Quit Bus! - Quorum Park

Staff sign up to join a Smoking Cessation programme as part of National No Smoking Day

The Quit bus drove around the park approaching smokers in shelters and around the retail and asked them if they’d like to sign up to join a free stop smoking clinic based at Quorum this Spring.

Staff were able to take a free Carbon Monoxide Test and pick up a Money wheel which spelled out the cost of smoking on their pocket as well as on their health.

Craig Charlton, Stop Smoking Services Coordinator at Lifeline Newcastle was delighted with the response from staff ‘its great to see so much enthusiam from people onsite when they learn about the clinic, many of them have tried quitting in the past so were initially skeptical – but when we talked about onsite support, free presecritions to Champix and other products they were immediatly won round. We’re looking forward to building on the initial interest from today and build a successful clinic onsite.

If you’d like to learn more about an onsite smoking cessation programme, email hub@quorumbp.co.uk

You can also learn more about Lifeline Newcastle at the Q Card Birthday Exhibition on the 23rd March, where they will be taking a stall.