Real Time Bus information to be installed at Quorum Retail - Quorum Park

Know exactly when your bus is arriving! 

Now installed at Quroum Retail! Our real time bus info mean’s the time displayed on the board at our bus stop is the time the bus is scheduled to leave the stop, rather than just the timetabled time. 

This mean’s if there is any deviation from timetable, you’ll know exactly where your bus is and how long you’ll need to wait. 

Commuter Centre Manager Laura McVittie is delighted the bus time information is being installed. ‘Whilst all local busses strive to stick to timetable wherever possible, during peak times there is always a chance of deviation, we recognise that sometimes you might be stood at a bus stop trying to chose between two potential routes home but not really know what will work best without knowing if the bus is going to be arriving soon – this new real time info will be great in these situations’