Sports Relief Kilimanjaro Challenge at Quorum - Quorum Park

Climbing the Kilimanjaro Ascent Challenge in Q13

At Quorum Business Park in Q13, a member of the Convergys team completed an awe-inspiring challenge to climb the same distance as the ascent to Kilimanjaro within the Convergys building. We asked Dean Moon, undertaker of this immense challenge just what it took to complete such a distance, here’s what he said:

“The challenge took just under eight hours to complete. It was a total of 38,808 steps, which equated to 308 laps up & down the stairs (up & back down = 1 lap). There are six sets of stairs to climb to reach the top floor.”

“I started at 9 am and made good time over the first 75-80 laps, but found laps 80 to 154 be the hardest laps to complete. So after nearly four hours I took a 20 minute break to get some fresh air, to top up my energy levels and rest my aching legs.”

“I restarted on lap 155 with renewed vigour and again made good progress for the next 50 laps, before a touch of cramp slowed my progress. However when I hit the 208 lap and realised that I was at the 100 lap count down, the ache seemed to lessen and by the time I got to the last 50 I found my third or fourth wind and was almost (but not quite) jogging down the stairs at the end.”

“I would like to thank all my colleagues who either joined me for a lap or gave encouragement when passing me on the stairs as it made the whole thing a bit easier to complete.”