Supporting the mental health of our Quorum Park community - Quorum Park
There’s no denying that working life for most has fundamentally changed since the outbreak of the pandemic. Not least there has been greater awareness and recognition of mental health issues as people and employers have adapted to the many challenges of Covid-19.  

But the increased use of digital communication tools has also given us greater opportunities for collaboration, and this has certainly been seen at Quorum Park, where we’re working together with members of our business community – on and off-site – to actively support and improve their mental wellness.

Quorum Park has been part of the Better Health at Work award scheme since 2013, with many of our initiatives and innovations, such as multi-modal commuting options, including Quorum Liftshare, annual cycle challenges and free exercise classes, gaining recognition for their positive effect on mental health.

Every November we host our Quorum Park Wellbeing Month and in 2020 we provided free mindfulness sessions, meditation and yoga classes. The whole month was purposefully themed around supporting the adaptation of working at home, post Covid-19.

All members of the Quorum community are encouraged to help develop and share their own ideas to help support good workforce health and wellness.  In the early stages of the pandemic, customer experience management expert Sitel Group, which is based at Q4, developed an easy to read and free to download ebook, Be Kind to your Mind for last year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Designed to support those struggling with the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus and to help people adjust to working from home, this useful resource was distributed across the Quorum community and is still very much in use.

Also from Sitel, we’re raising awareness of its SitelFit wellness programme among members of the park’s community. This incentivises individuals that are working from home to get out the house and clear the mind by getting active, with a series of competitive personal and collective challenges, prize draws and treats.

To encourage people to discover more benefits of getting out of the house, another app we’re letting people know about is Kinto, which offers unlimited free interactive virtual travel experiences curated by local communities.

We’ve increased the number of posters around the park and on the intranet that identify the Mental Health First Aiders working in organisations on site, making it easier to reach out to them if ever needed.

A chat facility has been introduced for managers to interact with their teams more easily and more frequently, whether people are in the office or working remotely. And a monthly calendar of virtual social activities, such as interactive themed quizzes has proved popular and helped people maintain a healthy balance between home life and work life. Someone joined our most recent employee forum meeting from home to tell us her team wanted to say thank you for the quizzes that have been helping them get through lockdown.

We want to hear from any members of our community or other organisations that can help us be proactive in supporting the mental health of our collective workforce and ensure the working environment of Quorum Park drives positive and healthy choices.

To contact us or find out more about the many ways in which you can protect and enjoy better mental health as part of the Quorum community please contact