Sustainability Month at Quorum Park! - Quorum Park

May is Sustainability Month at Quorum Park and we am very excited to share with you an awesome selection of workshops, seminars, and activities ahead of the month.

We’ll also have some exciting initiatives launching later in the month, so watch this space!

If you have an onsite Green Team, our two learning workshops with Venture Zero and Imvelo are an invaluable introduction to the Sustainability topic and link in with wider inclusive social topics in line with our ESG policy, so will interest a whole host of staff.

Every day in May we’ll be sharing social media content, tips and resources to help tenants on their sustainability journey, but below are some dates for your diaries complete with Eventbrite links where relevant.

The People & Culture Forum. Wednesday 11th May, 8.30 – 11.00.

Inclusive Leadership & Neurodiversity with 50:50 Futures and Rosie Brighty. Hosted by Brighty People coaching.

50:50 will be covering some of the fundamental concepts of diversity and inclusion along with their intersectional and holistic approach. Rosie Brighty is a dyslexic/dyspraxic design engineer and former teacher. She is a member of her company Wellbeing committee and has faced discrimination in the workplace because of her neurodiversity.

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Introduction to Quorum Allotment Space & Beginners Guide to Rewilding & Gardening with Nature. Wednesday 11th May, 12.00-1.30pm

This is an outdoor drop in event based at our allotment space.

Anyone interested in volunteering with our allotment and community garden space can come along and find out more.

We’ll also be sharing insight and tips on our rewilding programme and gardening with nature.

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Let’s Talk, Climate Connections with Venture Zero. Thursday 12th May 8.30- 11.00

An introduction to the climate crisis and it’s connection to the wellbeing agenda.
Presented by North Tyneside based, Venture Zero.

This is a GREAT introduction for Green Team members.

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Clothes Swap on behalf of St Oswald’s Hospice. Wednesday 18th May 11.30 – 14.30

Some sobering facts about fast fashion: 🧐👠👔

– Less than 1% of fabric in clothes ends up recycled. Meaning nearly all clothing ends up in Landfill eventually.
– One third of women in the UK consider an outfit ‘old’ after wearing it one time.
– The fast fashion industry produces over 92 tonnes of waste each year.
– Fast Fashion is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions annually.
– Washing clothes releases over half a million tonnes of microfibres into the ocean each year.
– Garment workers around the world experience low wages and exploitation, these issues have been massively exacerbated with the Covid-19 unpaid garment worker crisis

Don’t get sucked into ‘Fast Fashion’!
Join the fight against fast fashion? Come along to our Clothes Swap event on Wednesday 18th May.
The event is in partnership with St Oswald’s Hospice, long time suppliers of slow fashion via their charity shops.
Leftover items will be donated to the charity along with all income from the £3 entry fee.

Participants will also enjoy prosecco on arrival along with nibbles. Get your tickets here.


An introduction to Sustainable Development Goals with Imvelo Ltd , Thursday 19th May, 8.30-10.00

Learn how you can connect existing CSR/ESG programmes, projects and activities against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in your organisation.

Tamma Carel will introduce the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for solving the Climate Crisis and are the framework to many ESG policies. Strongly recommend for leaders, policy makers and those passionate around wider topics on sustainability.

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Spring Bike Ride, Saturday 21st May from 8.30

This is a bike ride provided in partnership with Bike 4 Health.

There is a £5 fee per person, but this includes refreshments on the ride and a BBQ on our return to the park.

Meeting at Quorum Retail at 8.30 am, Bike 4 Health will leaded a guided ride to and from Dinnington (around 25km in total) taking in some Spring countryside

We will return via a nature reserve and there is the option to try out a pump track based at Dinnington.

Kids 11+ welcome too 😊

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