Take a major step towards net zero at Quorum Park - Quorum Park

In recent weeks the COP26 climate talks have helped highlight the many issues facing our planet. Although the conference has now come to a close, there remains much for us to do to lessen our impact on the planet and we are pleased to be able to support our occupiers on their road to net zero.

At Quorum Park, we’ve been committed to sustainability for many years, and in recent months have been working hard to accurately reflect our position with a new Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy.

The policy, which is divided into eight key areas for action, is aimed at ensuring that all at Quorum Park will be able to operate successfully at net zero by 2050, as part of the internationally agreed upon goal for mitigating global warming.

As a specialist, our events and sustainability manager Laura McGrath is on hand to support all members of the Quorum Park community to achieve four key objectives in reaching carbon neutral operations.

These are: embedding sustainability through partnership and collaboration, providing a positive environment for all staff to work in while allowing local wildlife to flourish, making best use of resources in lowering carbon emissions, and embracing innovation and sharing best practice wherever possible.

Laura, whose expertise was instrumental in shaping the plan, said: “The aim of the policy is to help us all be more accountable, with published targets and sustainable aims towards net zero from which we can all continue to evolve, nurturing and improving our immediate environment while strengthening our links with one another and beyond.

“But our work on ESG doesn’t stop with environmental matters. Community action that contributes towards social equality is part of building a sustainable future in which everyone benefits. As demonstrated by our hosting of COP26, the days of UK businesses bolting ESG matters on as nice to have are long gone, but with our new policy, it doesn’t have to be daunting.”

 The policy, which can be downloaded here allows members of the park’s community to look at different operational aspects at a time, and covers everything from buildings and landscaping to water, waste, transport and supply chain matters, as well as raising awareness, reporting progress and building a community towards the positive change required.

And there are already a whole host of ways on the park in which organisations can begin to get involved, with a robust green travel scheme, a shared waste programme, and an active wildlife group to name but a few.

Find out more about ESG at Quorum Park and how you can get behind the policy, contact Laura at the hub@quorumpark.com, or visit quorumpark.com.