The Co-Wheels Car Club has arrived at Quorum! - Quorum Park

The scheme is managed and operated by Co-Wheels who are already an established Car Club operating in this region and across the UK.

There are two cars available to hire by the hour or day and the daily prices are competitive with normal hire companies.

  • Manual Petrol Toyota Yaris
  • Automatic Hybrid Toyota Auris

Plus the cars can be picked up anytime (24/7) from the park.

The cars are parked in two marked up bays down The Avenue, near to the Quorum Sports Club and they must be returned to one of these bays at the end of the hire period.

All that is required to hire them is a pre-registered smart card. The card is scanned over the access permit on the car windscreen and the car doors are automatically unlocked. Then the keys are stored in the vehicle.

There is an on-board computer which reminds the user how long they have booked the car and there is a petrol card inside the car for the user to top up petrol so the user doesn’t pay for the petrol when filling the car up  – they are just charged a mileage rate for the distance traveled during the hire period.

The cars will enable you to leave your car at home and use the car club cars for occasional business and leisure purposes.

Co Wheels are offering a Q Card discount for any individuals that sign up to the car club!

All you have to do is visit the co wheels website to register an online account.

It will cost 25 pounds to sign up and you will have 25 pounds credited to your account so it is effectively FREE. Use promo code QCARD

Any charges for usage will be taken from the credit/debit card registered to the account.