The positive powers of our Quorum community - Quorum Park

News over recent weeks has demonstrated that doing the right thing is what everyone expects from the business world of the 21st century, as it should be, and being held accountable is a big part of that.

That’s why our recently launched Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy is publicly available on the Quorum Park website.

But what’s also been made clear over recent weeks is that so many things are happening to do good across the park’s community, and across the North East, that we we’ve now added an additional policy improvement!

Key to our policy when we launched in November in the wake of COP26 were four main objectives that align with our overarching operating principles, but it’s clear to us there’s a fifth objective that we’ve now added – being an active force for change. 

Our events and sustainability manager Laura McGrath explains: “When we devised the policy, it wasn’t to start doing anything we weren’t already doing. Instead, the document was intended to accurately reflect our ongoing position, and this additional objective is absolutely reflective of what we’ve seen demonstrated across the park this year.

“The community is so active in supporting charitable causes, not least getting behind our recent appeal for Ukraine in a big way, but also puts time, energy and passion into our re-wilding work, our development of Quorum Park’s allotments by seeding plants at home, and supporting environmental initiatives such as car sharing, clothes swaps, and so much more.”

The other four objectives in the policy are: embedding sustainability through partnership and collaboration, providing a positive environment for all staff to work in while allowing local wildlife to flourish, making best use of resources in lowering carbon emissions, and embracing innovation and sharing best practice wherever possible.

Laura continued: “To be part of the Quorum Park community is to be part of a tight and supportive network of individuals that together become a huge force for good.

“It’s right that our ESG policy reflects that, not only to encourage more great initiatives as our make-up continues to evolve, but to celebrate the amazing contribution that adds up from those vital individual acts taking place each day across the site.”

If you have any plans to be an active force for good, make sure we know about it so we can encourage even greater support for your initiative, and we’re also open to any and all ideas that will help us nurture and improve our local, as well as our global community, and the wider environment.

To find out more about the ways in which you can already contribute towards ESG at Quorum Park, contact Laura at the, or visit You can also follow us on Facebook to see what’s coming up.