Toad & Frog Homes installed along Quorum Letch area - Quorum Park

There is a new addition to our Wildlife amenities with the addition of three frog and toad homes! 

With seven beehives, three bug hotels and countless bird feeders based onsite, improving habitats for our onsite wildlife has always featured highly on our agenda. The team at Quorum have currently been focusing their attentions on the Letch, a small stream which runs down the side of the park connecting two different wildlife reserves.

Our latest addition is three Frog and Toad Homes, located in strategic position within the reeds on the waters edge. The homes offer valuable protection from predators (such as our onsite foxes) and are great for keeping animals cool in the summer. 

Frogs and Toads come out of hibernation early in the year and hibernate from October. When hibernation season  approaches the team at the hub will use natural resources to cover the homes and provide extra warmth and protection for any animal wanting to stay there for the duration.  

The Homes are made from fired ceramic so they can be left out all year.

Find out more about the local wildlife based onsite by downloading our wildlife map here.   

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