Get prepared for your commute to the office - Quorum Park

We appreciate that most occupiers are encouraging a phased return to the office and things will be slow to start, however the team at The Hub are here to help and welcome you back. The on-site Travel and Tenant Advisor has pulled together a list of some essential travel information for people preparing to come back to the office at Quorum in the coming weeks and months…

Hire a Pool Bike

Thinking of cycling to work but don’t have a bike? We have upgraded our pool bike fleet so we can now provide a ‘try before you buy’ service on a hybrid bike, folding bike or an e-bike. For more info click here.

Purchasing a bicycle

Looking for a new bike? Check with your employer if they operate a salary sacrifice cycle to work scheme to assist you to purchase a brand new bicycle and pay for it monthly however buying a new bicycle can be a waiting game at the moment as the demand is so high!

Consider purchasing a reconditioned second hand bike from Watbike based at Kirkley Hall in Ponteland. Like their Facebook page to see what they have available.

We also recommend joining the CDNE bike sales group on Facebook for buying and selling second-hand bicycles and accessories.

Join the Quorum Bicycle User Group

If you would like regular updates about cycling events on the park as well as things happening across the region email

Reap the Rewards for Walking and Cycling

If you are walking or cycling to work then please download the Kinto Join app which rewards you for any walking or cycling journey over 1km when travelling to/from Quorum Park. You simply log your journey on the app and you get a point. Points can then be exchanged for rewards. There is also a monthly prize draw for everyone that has logged a journey. The more journeys you log the more chance you have of winning.

NOTE – This includes walking to/from four Lane Ends as the journey is over 1km.

Quorum Shuttle Bus

The 555 will be back on operation from Monday 12 April providing a link to Four Lane Ends Metro station in the peak travel times.

Public Transport Tickets

Public transport tickets will remain the same for the time being, however all operators are looking at more flexible ticketing options for those who will wont be travelling to the office 5 days per week. We will send out an update as soon as soon as anything is available.

NEW EV Charging Points

We have installed eleven new ‘fast’ EV charging points in the Q7 car park (behind the retail parade). They are connected to the Franklin Energy ‘Life’ Network with a rate of 25p/kwh. We also have four existing ‘fast’ EV charge points at the Neon building on the ‘Hubsta’ network at a rate of 25p/kwh.

20% off with Q Card – If anyone working on the park would like access to either EV charging areas please download the relevant network and email to get the Q Card rate of 20p/kwh.

 On-Site Parking

The site-wide parking scheme is still in operation so please check with your employer if you have access to the car park before returning to work. Please also refresh your knowledge of the area you are allowed to park as most tenants have given back overflow bays. Also don’t forget to inform your employer of a change of vehicle.

There is still a max stay of two hours in the Gym and Retail car parks and a zero tolerance approach to parking on kerbs and grass verges.