Umai Mi Bento Box Coming to Quorum - Quorum Park

Our latest retail offering comes from the brand behind Nudo Sushi! 

Umai Mi Bento opens 5th November.

Umai Mi Bento fitting out at Quorum Business Park offices based in Newcastle

Umai Mi Bento Box
Umai Mi Bento Box has similar qualities of both sister companies Nudo Sushi Box and Umai Mi Oriental Kitchen. Both businesses well known for great tastes and flavours and menus to suit all palettes. Read more on how to make your meal choices here.

Umai Mi
The name is the combination of Japanese words umai (delicious) and mi (taste), a phrase that originates from the early 1900’s. Used to describe the ‘fifth taste’, the moreish combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Traditional Japanese term to describe a single portion dish containing a few staples to make the dish, including a carbohydrate, a protein and a small eat.

Umai Mi Bento Box
The vast majority of the food at Umai Mi Bento will be served behind the counter/bar area, but there will be a fridge that will stock a selection of grab-and-go items. Drinks and Beer will also be available.

There are 3 ways to Bento, that make up the menu. All at your choice, with what you want, and tailored to your requirements. Dependant on how hungry you are!

Hot Bento Box at Quorum Business Park Newcastle

Serving a selection of Oriental favourites cooked fresh & made to order like Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Beef Chow Mein and options of rice & noodles. Along with a selection of small eat snacks like Mini Spring Rolls & Spare Ribs. Filling and perfect when hunger strikes!

Sushi Burrito

Our Japanese & Mexican Fusion. Watch your Sushi Burrito be rolled and made as you choose your sauce, protein and crunch. A really filling meal, that oozes drama and flavour.

Poke Bowl

Your healthier alternative. You create your bowl filled with a base (sushi rice or salad) then select a protein and crunch of your choice, finished off with a slither of sauce for a colourful and healthy lunch