Nuffield Health - Quorum Park

Discounted rate of £46/m on 12 month-agreements and currently the rest of the month free. 


The new year often brings with it quickly broken resolutions. Sticking to these resolutions is difficult, especially without support. But, with the right support you can stick to your resolutions and the results can be life changing.


That is why Nuffield Health, Gosforth has a team of professionals to support you to achieve your health goals. Whether that is to lose weight, sleep better, improve fitness or simply be more active we have the support, facilities and services you need.


We hear a lot of reasons why people do not join a gym but we hope that we can remove some of these for you.


We are all busy people and finding the time to attend the gym can be challenging but with Nuffield Health, Gosforth we are literally on your doorstep. Our early morning opening times (06:30) and late closing (22:00) mean you can work out before and after work. This has been shown to provide a more alert and awakened state pre-work providing more productivity and helps us switch off after work to provide a much better work life balance.


Not everyone likes the gym and how busy they are but with Nuffield Health, Gosforth you get much more than just a gym. With over 90 classes a week to choose from, a 25m pool, sauna, steam room, fully equipped resistance suite, fully equipped cardio suite, mini gym and a team of on-site professionals to support you throughout your journey you will be surprised what a Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre has to offer.

If you are still not sure we also offer a Free 7 Day Pass so that you can try us before joining.


The big consideration for all of us at the moment is cost that’s why Nuffield Health, Gosforth is delighted to offer you a range of amazing discounts.


Our Quorum Discount is available to all companies on the Gosforth Business Park, Quorum Business Park, Balliol Business Park, Silverlink and Regent Centre. This provides a discounted rate of £46/m on 12 month-agreements and currently the rest of the month free.


We also offer a discount for Vitality Life and Health Insurance policy holders of 40% (Life) and 50% (Health) and a 40% discount for AXA Health Insurance policy holders,


And we now offer an amazing 30% discount to all Blue Light Card holders


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the club.


Stuart Graham

Deputy General Manager

Nuffield Health Gosforth




To arrange a Corporate 7 Day Trial membership the link is and is open now.