Wagging Tails - Quorum Park

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Do you work long hours? Does your dog need more exercise? Are you limited to how often you can walk your dog? We can help!

I am an independent local dog walker and I truly love my job! As a lifelong pet owner you can be sure that your dog is well looked after in my care. If you are stuck in the office during the day, your dog may be bored whilst home alone, by hiring a dog walker you can relieve the stress and guilt of leaving your dog by knowing that they are getting a walk during the day whilst you are away.

Many dog walkers in the area tend to offer group dog walking where your dog is walked with up to 6 other dogs at a time (mainly due maximising their profits). I only offer SOLO dog walks as I feel it’s vital for the safety of your dog that they are the only animal I am concentrating on, at that time. Unlike other dog walkers I don’t drive your dog to a specific destination to start a walk, we start walking straight from your door – we live in beautiful area with plenty of amazing places to walk. I always try to vary the walks so that your dog doesn’t get bored of the same walks day in, day out.


When we finish our walks if your dog is wet, I will towel dry them and before I leave I will insure that your dog has plenty of water and give then a treat (if you have given me permission to do so). If you have any other request’s (for example leaving a light on or TV etc.) then feel free to discuss them during our consultation. I will also send you regular updates including photos and videos to let you know where we have been.



To book call 07927647285 & Quote: QUORUM Q CARD OFFER 

or email hello@waggingdog.co.uk