Environment & Sustainability - Quorum Park

Go green!


At Quorum Park we want to create a pleasant and sustainable environment where people, animals, plants and businesses can all thrive.


People, animals, plants and business.


We foster and promote the very best environmental practices.

From the inception and planning of the park, through to its construction and management, we’ve set targets for sustainablility. These aims will continue to evolve as we nurture and improve the environment on the park, as well as strengthen our links with the surrounding community.


  • Energy efficient and economic building running costs
  • Environmentally friendly purchasing strategy
  • New buildings a built to B Level Energy Performance Certificate
  • Large glazed facades allow good daylight levels
  • Windows are specially treated to reduce solar gain
  • Lighting system is designed to incorporate sensor controls
  • Air source heat pump for air conditioning uses green technology
  • Low capacity flushing toilets fitted with water saving controls


  • Full-time landscaping team using environmentally friendly products
  • Grounds maintenance plant waste is composed on site
  • 500 new trees planted on site to off-set carbon footprint
  • On-site litter picking team and waste management strategy
  • Earthworks remediation strategy minimises material exported from site


  • Stream cleaning to attract new habitats
  • Trees and shrubs planted in a wildlife corridor
  • Bird boxes and feeders located around the park
  • Seven bee hives and a nectar bed planted
  • Hedgehog boxes sited around the perimeter

Sustainable travel

  • On-site travel centre and full-time travel planner
  • Excellent public transport links
  • Shuttle Bus has low emisson Euro 5 Engine
  • Cycle parking and changing facilities
  • Free pool bike hire
  • Online car share scheme
  • On-site Car Club
  • EV Charge Points

Community links

  • Foster community spirit among tenants though event programme
  • Promote local businesses and products thorough Q Card scheme as well as regular pop up food events and craft markets
  • Support local and national charities though fund raising events
  • Nurture and promote ongoing relationships with community groups and schools